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Getting started is simple and risk free. Simply follow the steps below and we will help you start saving today! Oh and did we mention RISK FREE! 
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In order for us to get you started with cHooZ® we will need to establish a merchant account with us. This is a simple application process done in house. No Long Term Contract! No Hidden Fees! Switch back to traditional processing (start paying those fees again) Anytime. 



The type of equipment used for your Cash Discount program has two options, use our stand alone terminal or our POS system. 

Determine Your Cash Discount Fee.

The law allows up-to 4% for cash discount so the fee for non cash transaction that can be passed to the consumer has to be less than 4%. We recommend you select a fee that is equal to the fees charged for credit card processing. That way you fees are Covered! 

Start Saving! 


One of our experienced customer service folks will set you up and give you all the training you need to get started. Our goal is to make sure your Cash Discount program is successful and your customers understand it so you can SAVE MONEY!