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What is a Cash Discount Program?


Credit card processing has become increasingly expensive for merchants, especially small businesses that have tighter budgets and can't always cover the cost of credit card fees in their markup. As these fees continue to increase and become more and more confusing Merchants of all sizes are looking for relief from these fees.

Cash Discount has been around for years for certain industries like Gas Stations, but only recently has it become available to all merchants.  Our cHooZ App helps that be possible. 

Introducing cHooZ®

CHooZ® is a Cash Discount program that allows a merchant to offer a cash discount when a customs pays with Cash. 


Our cHooZ® Cash Discount App helps you reduce some of your credit card processing fees by offering a Cash Discount to those customers that are paying in cash!


Here's how it works:


You simply increase your inventory prices by 4%. 


If your customer pays with a CARD, that 4% is collected and should cover credit card processing fees for that transaction. (EVEN AMEX!)


If your customer pays with CASH, our cHooZ® Cash Discount App will automatically discount the order by 4%, giving your customer a Cash Discount!

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