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Welcome to cHooZ® Cash Discount

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Getting started is simple and risk free. Our app is located in the Clover® App Market and in the process of certifying with other POS Systems. 
Contact us or download the app today!


Once you download the cHooZ® Cash Discount App, from the Clover® App Market, follow the set up instructions.   The cHooZ® Cash Discount App will increase your CURRENT Inventory, INCLUDING Modifiers, by 4.0%.  When you're ready to take payment, at the Payment Screen, you'll select either the Cash Button or the Card Button.  It's that simple!

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Our cHooZ® Cash Discount App can be used on the following:

Clover Duo - Clover Solo - Clover Station 2018 - Clover Mini Clover Flex - Clover Mobile

4% Cash Discount - 5 x 7.png
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